About Melbourne Hip & Knee

Our Response to the COVID-19 Situation

The staff of Melbourne Hip and Knee are committed to maintaining the highest standard of Orthopaedic care during this difficult time. We are remaining open during our normal hours to see all orthopaedic patients.

Free Telehealth Consultations for all patients

We are now conducting initial consults via telehealth (phone or video) for all of our new and current patients. These will be bulk billed so that there is no cost to you.

New patients can ring our main number on 9882 7752. Our staff will organise an appointment with one of our surgeons. They will give you simple instructions to enable you to have your consultation on your phone or computer. If you don’t have a referral, we will organise a telehealth appointment with a GP who can assess you and provide you with a referral.

Your surgeon will then contact you to discuss your problem with you. Please have the reports of any x-rays or other imaging available. We will often be able to access the images online. Your surgeon will design a treatment plan with you.

There will be no out of pocket expenses for any of this, so you will not be charged any fees.

If your surgeon decides that you need to be seen in person, we will organise for that to occur in a safe manner at our main rooms in Hawthorn (please click here for more information).


Currently, only urgent surgery is allowed to be performed in hospital. This includes the management of some fractures and dislocations, infection and treatment of a locked knee. If you require urgent surgery, we will organise this for you. The hospitals that we work at are taking multiple precautions to minimise the chance of infection with COVID-19 by screening staff and patients for the virus and ensuring that anyone with symptoms is kept out of the hospital.

For non-urgent problems, we can work with you to alleviate your symptoms as much as possible with non-surgical treatments. We have a network of physiotherapists and other allied health workers who are able to see you either via telehealth or in person. We will help you organise treatment with them if required.