• Research results - Robotic Knee Replacement

    This great new research project highlights some of the benefits of Robotic knee replacement showing Robotic-arm assisted TKA was associated with decreased pain, improved early functional recovery and reduced time to hospital discharge compared with conventional jig-based TKA.

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  • Acute Knee Injuries

    The AFL Season is getting closer to the finals.  There have been a number of serious injuries sustained by players this year.

    If you injure yourself and need an urgent appointment, please contact our staff on 03 9882 7753 and ask for a “Knee injury Clinic Appointment”

    Knee Injury Clinic

  • Mr van Bavel convenes this years annual 'Exeter Hip Course'

    Mr van Bavel convening this years annual “Exeter Hip Course” for training Orthopaedic Surgeons.

    The Exeter hip replacement is the most commonly used Hip replacement in Australia. To find out more about hip replacement click here:

    Total Hip Replacement

  • Mr van Bavel presents at this years AOA on the use of Robotics in Orthopaedics

    Mr van Bavel was recently invited to Speak at the AOA meeting in Hobart on the use of Robotics in Orthopaedics.

    There is more information on our website about robotic surgery, please click on this link:

    Robotic Surgery

  • Mr Wong presents at this years AOA conference on patella instability

    Justin Wong gave a presentation at the recent Australian Orthopaedic Association conference about the management of knee cap dislocations. He discussed the non-surgical treatments as well as the surgical options, including reconstructing the MPFL ligament and the trochleoplasty procedure that is used to deepen the groove that the knee cap sits in.
    For more information about patella dislocations, click the link:

    Patella Instability

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