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  • Technology in healthcare

    Technology is increasingly being used in healthcare for both research and for improving patient treatment as per this article.  Our staff stay up to date on the latest advances in orthopaedics including patient specific operations, advances in joint preservation and robotics

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  • Most new hip and knees last 25 years!

    We used to tell patients that their hip or knee replacement would only last 10 years but there is now lots of data to refute this as per this article. With modern joint replacement the rate of needing your replacement revised (redone) has now dropped to around 6% at 15 years for hip replacements and 5% at knees. This means we can be confident in offering one operation that for most patients will last them their life.

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  • Hip replacement, which artificial joint lasts longest?

    When your hip gets replaced everyone wants one that will last the longest. Although this article is a few years old it highlights some of the issues involved.  As part of our ongoing education program MHK are talking to GPs about what the best sort of hip replacement for patients is. If you are a GP and you would like to attend one of our education sessions please contact our Practice Manager Claire.  

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  • Improvements seen in robotic knee replacement over conventional technique.

    This recent article highlights some of the improvements that are being seen by robotic Knee replacement surgery over the conventional technique.
    MHK surgeons performed the 1strobotic knee replacement in Victoria and all are trained in robotic joint replacement. If you want to understand more about this technique click here.

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  • What happens when your joints are no longer needed?

    When our joints wear out they can be replaced, but what happens when your replacement joints are no longer needed? 
    Its not something we think about much, but in our disposable world it's good to know that almost everything can be recycled as per this article:

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