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  • Myths debunked

    There are lots of ways to injure your knees, but here are a few common myths about running debunked:

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  • Patellofemoral Replacement Surgery

    This recent journal article highlights the ongoing role for patellofemoral replacement surgery.
    MHK surgeons have a long experience with patellofemoral replacement surgery both manually and robotically.

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  • Knee Pain?

    With lots of people preparing for the winter sports season we are seeing more and more patients presenting with knee pain.

    If you have injured your knee MHK offer a “Acute Knee Injury Clinic” to get you back on your feet as soon as possible.

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  • Hip Replacement

    This news article from the UK highlights the fact that more and more young patients are having hip replacements:

    Hip replacement is a great operation for getting rid of the pain from arthritis and getting active and mobile again.

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  • Partial Knee Replacement

    This great article from Oxford in the UK talks about how some patients can get a better outcome from a partial knee replacement rather than a full knee replacement.
    All of the MHK surgeons have undergone extra training in partial knee replacements and are happy to discuss whether or not they might be a benefit for you.
    To read more about partial knee replacement please click here.

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