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  • Assuring the long term joint arthroplasty

    This recent article highlights the improved accuracy of robotic hip replacement surgery over standard techniques. MHK surgeons have been performing robotic hip replacements since early 2017. To learn more about this technique click here.

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  • Oldest hip surgery patient!

    Congratulations to this British lady who is the oldest to have hip surgery.

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  • Older patients' hip replacements up

    You are never too old to have your hip replaced. This is the moral of this story from the UK showing with ur aging but active population this is becoming more routine.  With older patients we need to be more careful with anaesthetics and we often choose different prosthesis all aimed at maximising quality of life, while minimising risk. To read more about hip replacement click here

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  • Dancing with oldest replacement hips.

    It’s great to see our older patients still active and enjoying life as seen in this clip from the UK. Hip replacements are designed to get patients of all ages back on their feet and active again. To learn more about hip replacement click here.

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  • Rise in hip replacements for under 50's

    Hip replacements in young patients are becoming more and more popular as per this article. MHK surgeons are running education sessions for GPs this year including how to choose a prosthesis for your patient. If your GP wants to attend one of our education sessions please ask them to contact our practice manager Claire who can help facilitate this.

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