• Hip replacement technique turns 50!

    The modern skill of hip replacement was pioneered by Sir John Charnley as seen in this news clip.   While his prosthesis is rarely used anymore, some of the older design hip replacements which have a track record for success are still being used and outperforming the newer implants. Our aim is always to provide a hip replacement that will last a lifetime. To read more about hip replacement click here.

    Hip replacement technique turns 50

  • Robot transforms knee operations

    Although this article is a few years old it highlights some of the possible benefits of robotic knee surgery. All of the MHK surgeons are trained in Robotic surgery and are happy to discuss if this might be right for you.

    Robot transforms knee operations

  • Rise in "young" knee replacements.

    These days there are more and more young patients requiring a total knee replacement. This means we need to be better at our operations and ensure that the prosthesis will allow the patients to be as active as they wish. To read more about knee replacement click here.

    Rise in young knee replacements

  • Technology in healthcare

    Technology is increasingly being used in healthcare for both research and for improving patient treatment as per this article.  Our staff stay up to date on the latest advances in orthopaedics including patient specific operations, advances in joint preservation and robotics

    Technlology in healthcare

  • Most new hip and knees last 25 years!

    We used to tell patients that their hip or knee replacement would only last 10 years but there is now lots of data to refute this as per this article. With modern joint replacement the rate of needing your replacement revised (redone) has now dropped to around 6% at 15 years for hip replacements and 5% at knees. This means we can be confident in offering one operation that for most patients will last them their life.

    Most new hips and knees last 25 years!

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