• Partial Knee Replacement

    This great article from Oxford in the UK talks about how some patients can get a better outcome from a partial knee replacement rather than a full knee replacement.
    All of the MHK surgeons have undergone extra training in partial knee replacements and are happy to discuss whether or not they might be a benefit for you.
    To read more about partial knee replacement please click here.

    Partial Knee Replacement

  • Robotic Hip Replacement

    MHK surgeons have been performing robotic hip replacement surgery for more than 2 years.

    Rotobic Hip Replacement

  • Confused by health insurance?

    Health insurance policies are confusing and the government is trying to make this easier for you to understand with new classification of policies as noted in this news article.

    At MHK we try to help our patients understand all of the costs involved with their care and provide informed financial consent before undertaking any treatment plan.

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  • Robots!

    Robots are involved in many parts of our lives as this article outlines, and for the last few years they have been utilised by surgeons to try and give patients better joint replacements.

    The surgeons at MHK are all trained in robotic surgery. If you want to read more about it click here: 

    Robotic Assisted Joint Replacement Overview

  • Melbourne Argo Exeter Hip Course

    Mr van Bavel will be running the upcoming Argo Exeter Hip course in Melbourne.
    The Exeter hip replacement is a the most commonly used hip replacement in Australia and has almost 50 years of clinical data supporting it including many studies showing minimal failures at long term follow up.

    To read more about hip replacement click here.

    Hip Replacement

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