• Hip replacement, which artificial joint lasts longest?

    When your hip gets replaced everyone wants one that will last the longest. Although this article is a few years old it highlights some of the issues involved.  As part of our ongoing education program MHK are talking to GPs about what the best sort of hip replacement for patients is. If you are a GP and you would like to attend one of our education sessions please contact our Practice Manager Claire.  

    Hip replacement, which artificial joint lasts long

  • Improvements seen in robotic knee replacement over conventional technique.

    This recent article highlights some of the improvements that are being seen by robotic Knee replacement surgery over the conventional technique.
    MHK surgeons performed the 1strobotic knee replacement in Victoria and all are trained in robotic joint replacement. If you want to understand more about this technique click here.

    Robotic Knee Replacement

  • What happens when your joints are no longer needed?

    When our joints wear out they can be replaced, but what happens when your replacement joints are no longer needed? 
    Its not something we think about much, but in our disposable world it's good to know that almost everything can be recycled as per this article:

    Afterlife: how hip replacements can end up in jet

  • Longest Lasting Hip Replacement

    This British man now holds the record for the longest lasting hip replacement.
    We’ve come a long way since then but our aim is always to provide a hip replacement that lasts a lifetime like this one has.
    To read more about hip replacement click here:

    Hip Replacement

  • Knee Arthritis

    Many patients struggle with knee arthritis and ultimately undergo a knee replacement.
    This article highlights some of the issues for patients undergoing this surgery:
    Our job at MHK is to make the patient pathway as easy as possible to get you back walking and returning your lifestyle to what you desire.
    To read more about knee replacement click here: 

    Knee Replacement

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