• Mr Wong presents at this years AOA conference on patella instability

    Justin Wong gave a presentation at the recent Australian Orthopaedic Association conference about the management of knee cap dislocations. He discussed the non-surgical treatments as well as the surgical options, including reconstructing the MPFL ligament and the trochleoplasty procedure that is used to deepen the groove that the knee cap sits in.
    For more information about patella dislocations, click the link:

    Patella Instability

  • How does Australias' healthcare system rank across the world?

    How does Australias’ healthcare system rank across the world?

    According to this article it is the second best in the developed world and is the 4th biggest contributor to our GDP.

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  • Smoking a danger for joint replacement patients.

    This recent research article shows how dangerous smoking is for patients undergoing joint replacement surgery.

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  • Technology!

    Technology may have an increased affect on our healthcare moving forward, as this article describes.

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  • GP Newsletter - Feb 2018


    Joint replacement operations have an excellent success rate, helping patients who were previously crippled by painful and stiff arthritic joints walk again. During the operation the surgeon cuts and prepares the bone, then places the new prosthesis as accurately as possible in position using a series of jigs, saws and other instruments. Our aim is always to be as accurate as possible, but most studies show some variability in how well we achieve this.

    GP Newsletter - Feb 2018

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